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    About Speedway Vintage Cycles

    To restore vintage motorcycles to their original form.  We are motorcycle enthusiast and have the same passion as our customers.  To provide quality service and parts for your vintage or modern motorcycle.
    We started Speedway Vintage Cycles because we couldn’t find a knowledgeable and trusted motorcycle mechanic in the area to repair and restore vintage motorcycles.  We also found a need for Vapor Blasting in town.  When restoring motorcycles, we use the vapor blasting process to bring the vintage parts back to their “like new” original form.  However, this service was only found in Arizona and shipping our parts took time and money.  Since 2019, we have been providing Vapor Blasting services to the south Florida motorcycle and automotive community.  We also provide restoration and vapor blasting services to all the United States.
    We at Speedway Vintage Cycles specialize in European and Japanese vintage motorcycle restorations.  Our passion is to restore motorcycles to their original form.  Our team has over 25 years of proven experience.  We are also the only Vapor Blasting shop in town.  Vapor Blasting is a low-pressure slurry of water, detergent, and fine media that removes years of corrosion, grime, and tarnish.  We can vapor blast just about anything from motorcycle parts, car parts, boat parts, gun parts or whatever project you are working on.  Aluminum, steel, plastic, and rubber parts as well.
    We have partnered with the leaders in the field to ensure we can get you the close to original or replicas of parts needed to restore our projects to their original form.
    We are the only business in the area that provides Vapor Blasting services.  With our extensive knowledge of motorcycles, we can access, diagnose, provide solutions for all your motorcycle needs.  We can custom fabricate.  If a customer has a request for a custom build, we can do that as well.
    Very much like our customers, we are motorcycle enthusiasts.  Speedway Vintage Cycles provides restorations and repairs to vintage motorcycles that many local shops consider to be obsolete and won’t service.   Speedway Vintage Cycles is a one stop shop for restoring a motorcycle vintage or modern.  Some of the services we provide are sand blasting, bead blasting, vapor blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, engine rebuild restoration, suspension rebuild, re-spoke and truing spoked wheels, tire, and oil changes to name a few.

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