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Speedway Vintage Cycles - Restoration Services

We are passionate about restoring vintage motorcycles. Our approach is to use original parts staying true to the original style of the bike. Restoration projects are completely customizable to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Restoration

Restorations range from 6 months to a year or more depending on availability of parts.
Yes, we have a handful of reliable shippers that we have worked with in the past.
The cost of labor to do a full restoration is approximately 140 hours, disassembling, assembling, cleaning, engine rebuilding and painting.
All of the magic happens at our warehouse in Miami, FL.


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    Our Services

    • Overall Service and Maintenance
    • Accessory Installation
    • Battery¬†Inspection
    • Bead Blasting
    • Break – in Service,
    • Carburetor Rebuild
    • Chain and Sprocket Installation
    • Chain and Sprocket Replacement
    • Chain Service: Clean, Lube & Adjust
    • Full Engine Rebuild
    • Hydraulic Line Flush
    • Paint
    • Radiator Flush and Fill
    • Sand Blasting
    • Schedule Pick-up
    • Schedule Drop- off
    • Shaft Drive Fluid Change
    • Tire Installation
    • Tire Repair
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Valve Adjustment
    • Vapor Blasting
    • Wash and Detail
    • Wheels Respokes and Truing

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